fur or against


I’m not quite sure whether I’m for or against real fur. One part of me loves real fur, but another part of me hates it. I find real fur to look amazing, feel amazing and to be very luxurious. But at the same time, I find the whole process cruel and mean. If everyone stopped buying real fur, what would happen to the animals? Would they be allowed to live their lives out happily or would they be used for some other cause?

When looking at the arguments for fur a lot of people agreed that one of the main benefits was the fact is keeps you warm. It really does! I was given a wolf coat a few Christmas’s ago and I can say it has never been nearly cold enough to wear it! People also argued that a lot of fur comes from farms, where the animals have a decent life before they are killed. Another point that came up quite frequently was the process in making fake fur. Fake fur is made from oil, which can be a long, dirty, brutal process that can have consequences.

Although all the above points could sway someone’s opinion on real fur, there still is the big thing that innocent animals are being killed for fashion.


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